Tween ShopTM, the hottest and hippest 7-14 year old online shopping and e-zine, is under construction.  Keep checking back for our official launch date!

Hey TweenygirlTM, at Tween ShopTM get ready to SHOP THE TOP. 
This will be the hippest site on the net - Find out what's hot in fashion, accessories, hair, style, music, entertainment, and just who the trendsetters are.  This is your site, your place to go and meet friends to shop, chat and catch up on all the happening stuff that you may have missed...   Your feedback is critical.  Tell us what you would like in your site....what are some of the trends that are hot in your school?  Who is your favorite band or singer?  What's your favorite color?   Your opinion matters and is what TweenShop
TM is all about. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep the world a more exciting (and well dressed) place - email us your ideas and our editors will include them into this site....